Can you afford to waste time and money building new products, services & features that people don’t use?

Here are the courses of action you can take:

Prescription 1:  Ideal for Product Owners and Founders operating in an agile environment. Learn how to do your own user research with a unique course of interactive, practical, lively workshops. Covering a range of research methods, you will learn when to test what, with whom, and how, using your own case studies.

* Participants of the last workshop gave a Net Promoter Score of over 40% – which is recognised as being “excellent”.  The one day workshop has also been accredited by UCL with a CPD Certificate in Continuing Professional Development.

Prescription 2:  Cultivate a user centred approach within your teams & start a course of regular live user panels, recruited against your target segment criteria, in the comfort of your own office.

Prescription 3:  Take the pain away immediately. Product Doctor can design and run user research sessions on your behalf and help find your remedy, turning insights in to actionable product plans.

Truth Seeking, Myth Busting & Straight Talking, I look forward to discussing your requirements with you!